Astrophotography by Rick Thurmond
Officina Stellare RH-200 telescope
FLI ML16803 camera
Astrodon RGB, Ha filters
Astro-Physics Mach1GTO mount
Taken with TheSkyX
Processed with PixInsight

Many of these photos were taken at the super-dark FOAH observatory in Magdalena, New Mexico.

  • M8, the lagoon nebula, and also M20 the trifid nebula, hydrogen only.
  • Veil Nebula, in H-alpha light
  • Part of Veil Nebula, including NGC6960 and Pickerings Triangle
  • M51, first light on FLI 16803 camera
    • Andromeda Galaxy, M31 R-G-B-Ha
    • Horsehead Nebula, also Flame Nebula in Ha only
    • Horsehead Nebula, also Flame Nebula, RGB enhanced with Ha
    • IC405 and IC410 Flaming Star Nebula