I may be the last person on earth making tri-color astrophotos using hypered Tech Pan and Acros film.  These pictures require three exposures on black and white film using red, green, and blue filters.

My earlier photos were shot on E200 and printed in my darkroom on Ilfochrome.

  • Milky Way near Cygnus, shot on E200 with a Rollei, printed on Ilfochrome
  • Lunar eclipse of February 2008, captured on Velvia and printed on Ilfochrome. Fog produced the halo
  • Trifid Nebula
  • Horsehead and Flame Nebulae
  • Heart an Soul Nebulae, and Double Cluster
  • Heart and Soul, Two Color
    • Stephan's Quintet, captured on hypered Acros
    • Horsehead Nebula, shot with a red filter on hypered Tech Pan, darkroom print.